The Voice Exchange

We Appreciate your interest in being a voice actor! We are aiming to create the easiest and most convenient website to allow you, the voice actor, a means to connect with people wanting to hire actors for anything ranging from small to large works.

    Our site offers the following advantage:
  • No experience Necessary!
  • Talanted enough for multiple voices? Our system allows you to create multiple voice actors assigned to a single login!
  • Use your own voice recording software, or ours built into the website!
  • We automate payment transactions between you and someone requesting a voice actor.
  • We can automatically match you to offers, or you can browse them as you like.
  • If a developer likes you they can personally request you to fill subsequent requests.

How does it work? Its Simple!
  1. Create your Username.
  2. Create Your actor, complete with the age, accent, gender, a name (optional), and even recording a sample of the voice.
  3. Browse 'open' requests from developers, meaning those not assigned to specific voice actors
  4. After finding a request, choose to 'fill' the request. You will then either be able to Record your voice using our automated system, or upload your own file if using Third-party recording software
  5. The developer/designer who created the request will then be able to listen to your voice. If they like the way it sounds, they can accept the recording and you'll be paid the agreed upon bounty!