The Voice Exchange

Welcome to TheVoiceExchange.com.


Our aim is to connect Voice actors to those Developers and Producers looking for talent.


The general trend in the media industry today is for voice overs to propel the storylines along, however due to limited budgets, and the ever increasing complexity of games and videos, a greater diversity is needed in the voicing talents. We aim to provide a service which will streamlessly connect both those demanding and offering the service together.


TheVoiceExchange.com allows a developer to post a request and place a bounty or payment associated with it being filled, limiting it to certain genders, accents, age-ranges, or even specific voice actors they have used in the past. The voice actors can then choose the voice request and fill the 'order' by either uploading their version of the recording, or using our built in webpage recorder. The developer can then choose to accept the recording or request changes be made to the inflection, speed, tone of the recording and send the request back to the voice actor for another recording. Once the developer accepts the recording, the bounty is paid out to the voice actor.